As victims of sexual assault and abuse increasingly demand justice against their attackers, and the individuals and institutions that enabled their attackers, Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin has stepped up as a forceful advocate.

We ensure that these courageous survivors receive justice, compensation, and a sense of satisfaction and closure.

Serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Lehigh and Berks Counties and Other Communities in Eastern Pennsylvania.

We bring together superior courtroom skills, experience criminally prosecuting sex offenders, sensitivity, compassion, and personal attention to empower survivors as they take back their lives and triumph.

We don’t just win cases. We help our clients and their families persevere, rebuild, and heal. This is how we excel.

A winning team.

Proving sexual assault and abuse cases requires not only legal knowledge, but also rigorous investigation and expertise from professionals in a wide range of disciplines, depending upon the nature of the case.

Sexual assault and abuse lawsuits can target parties beyond the direct perpetrator―such as schools, religious institutions, and medical facilities―that allowed the conduct to take place, covered it up, or failed to notify law enforcement upon becoming aware. Employers can be held liable for failing to perform proper background checks or failing to supervisor or dismiss an offender despite knowledge of the danger. Landlords and property management companies can be held liable for lax security.

We have the financial resources to retain investigators and preeminent experts in all necessary disciplines, so we can establish what enabled a perpetrator’s conduct and work to ensure that it never happens again. Because we focus on helping our clients heal, if you wish to settle your case, rather than go to trial, we can negotiate terms that―in addition to financial compensation―provide you with peace of mind. For instance, a perpetrator might be required to transfer jobs or attend counseling; a medical facility, school, or religious organization might be required to change its procedures regarding notifying law enforcement of suspected assault and abuse.

Detail-oriented. Personal attention. Team focus.

When you entrust us with your case, you are not just given one person to work with. You are given an entire team of lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries. As a team, we coordinate with one another and keep in constant contact with you and your family.

We will always explain every step and development in your case and counsel you on all possible outcomes so you can make the best, informed decisions.

Our personal attention and detail-oriented service will help get you through this emotionally tough time, while we fight for your rights.

Our values.

We founded Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin in 1971, with a commitment to give every client the highest quality representation in a firm small, so we know you as an individual, yet large enough to powerfully fight for your rights with all necessary resources.

We pledge to aggressively represent your interests and always listen to your concerns, so that we may develop legal strategies that address your unique situation.