Apartment Complex Sexual Assault and Abuse

We’ve all seen our worst nightmares play out in the headlines:

  • A 22-year-old Drexel University student was sexually assaulted in an off-campus apartment in January 2018 after a man reportedly gained access through an unlocked rear door.
  • Two armed men terrorized and sexually assaulted a North Philadelphia woman for four hours inside her apartment in December 2017 after getting into the complex through a door that is usually locked.
  • In Warminster, Pennsylvania, a man approached a teen in a common area of an apartment building in August 2017 and attempted to drag her inside his apartment and rape her.
  • An 88-year-old Chester County, Pennsylvania, woman was bound with duct tape in March 2017 inside her apartment by a man who posed as an apartment complex worker and forced his way in. The woman successfully talked the man out of raping her by lying to him about having HIV.

Between 2004 and 2008, apartment dwellers fell victim to 52,540 violent crimes―including rapes and sexual assaults―in an apartment hall, storage area, or laundry room, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Some 13,960 people were victimized at a friend’s, relative’s, or neighbor’s apartment hall, storage area, or laundry room.

When an apartment dweller or visitor is sexually assaulted, the criminal justice system will deal with the perpetrator, hopefully by convicting and incarcerating him or her. However, the victim is often left with devastating psychological―and sometimes physical―injuries, for which the only redress is a civil lawsuit for financial compensation. That lawsuit can target parties beyond the direct perpetrator―such as the landlord, property manager, and security firm responsible for the premises.

Proving sexual assault and abuse cases requires not only legal experience, but also rigorous investigation and expertise from professionals who can assess whether inadequate security measures at an apartment complex―such as poor lighting, broken locks, or failure to screen visitors―enabled the perpetrator. Other necessary experts may include physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

We have the financial resources to retain appropriate investigators and experts in all necessary disciplines, so we can establish the underlying facts of these incidents―which often cause shame, humiliation, trauma, and psychological injuries that last a lifetime. And because we have decades of experience bringing sexual predators to justice, we get maximum financial compensation for our clients.

We’re Here to Help You

Landlords, property managers, and security firms protect their business interests. They are not on your side. Contact us immediately.

We fight so you’ll receive justice and compensation for your psychological and physical injuries and other losses by holding all culpable parties accountable. Landlords, property managers, and security firms work to protect themselves. They do not necessarily care about conducting an unbiased, thorough investigation, and compensating you for any wrongs they committed. Contact us to find out whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

We immediately evaluate your case so you know the status.

We’re highly experienced at handling apartment complex sexual assault and abuse cases and can efficiently review your case, in conjunction with our multidisciplinary team of experts. If your case is right for us, we’ll proceed with a full investigation and evaluation of the facts and legal issues, and determine the likelihood of a fair settlement or need to file a lawsuit. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all developments and advise you on the range of possible outcomes so you can make educated decisions.

Because a monetary award will significantly impact your life, we put our negotiation and trial skills and experience to work.

We’re master negotiators, so you can rely on us to negotiate the best possible settlement for you. If the parties can’t agree on money, we’re prepared to file a lawsuit and aggressively try your case in the courtroom. And we have a proven track record of securing winning verdicts and other favorable resolutions in sexual assault and abuse cases.

Our sensitivity and compassion are as important as our legal representation.

Sexual assault and abuse―particularly when inflicted at our home or the home of a friend or relative where we are supposed to feel safe―leaves the victim with a wide range of emotions ranging from guilt, embarrassment, anger, self-blame, fear, loss of control, vulnerability, and more. We understand the trauma and confusion that the victim and family experience when a criminal offender shatters our sense of security and causes grievous harm. The victim’s world is turned upside-down.

Be assured that we will handle your case in a sensitive and compassionate manner that respects your emotional needs, personal dignity, and privacy. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries will coordinate with one another about your case and keep in constant contact with you and your family. We help clients in these emotionally tough times by being accessible, supportive, and genuine. Our sensitivity and compassion make us better lawyers, too.

If a new legal matter arises during your case, we can help.

The firm’s apartment complex sexual assault and abuse practice is just one of many HRMM&L law practices. Because HRMM&L is a full-service law firm with substantial resources, we’re able to advise you on other legal problems that may arise during your case. And if the legal problem is one our firm doesn’t handle, we’ll refer you to another lawyer and firm whom we know and trust.

Other sexual assault and abuse problems you may encounter during your case: