April 12, 2019
By Steven B. Barrett, Esq.

The shocking findings of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report which indicted the so-called rehabilitation facility, Liberation Way, reveals disgusting and predatory behavior on vulnerable addicts and their families.  The physical and psycho-social toll on those struggling with the disease of addiction is unquantifiable.  In many cases, patients are fighting for their lives.  Yet, the owners of Liberation Way deliberately set up a scheme not only to defraud patients, but further harm them through a number of outrageous conditions that are prohibitive and anathema for treatment facilities: having patients live in a co-ed setting; condoning and thus encouraging Liberation staff and employees to have sexual relations with patients, mis-managing medicine and treatment so that patients would suffer relapses and worsen with their addictions; and having patients and their families compound their struggles and trauma by incurring substantial debt.

If you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of Liberation Way, make sure you secure whatever records you can from the facility and chronicle the following:

  • Dates of treatment at Liberation way
  • Reason for treatment and history of addiction
  • History of any previous treatment for addiction
  • Identities of providers at Liberation who directly treated you
  • The improper behavior and conduct of staff or employees
  • The level of care while at Liberation and if the level changed; if so, why and what was the difference
  • Were there any loans or payments incurred
  • Whether any providers after discharge state that Liberation failed you and caused further harm; if so, identify the provider and the additional harm (relapse, re-hospitalization, financial debt)

You put your trust in a facility that you and your family believed could help.  In return, Liberation Way only preyed on you and made a very difficult situation intolerable.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report